Funtastic Dolls

A little aboute me and Cattery....
Jenny söder is my name and i have the cattery S*Funtastic Dolls

I am also certified Sverak breeders I Live in a house in Lindsdal just outside Kalmar whit my wonderful partner and our two wonderful sons, Jeremy and Liam.
During the week I work the counter at City Gross in wish I have experienced since reopening. Here at home , living and live our cats as family members. They give us much joy and above  all a lot of laughter.  They´re incredibly wonderful in every way. Here they have access to the full house whit a enclosure porch. It all started whit our first Ragdoll S*Fyrpihl´s Amoz Asterix (Basse)As was bought as a pet due. Lack of white chin, then he is a mitted. His way of being that care aboute everyone and yes I can go on for ever…. We are incredibly grateful for this guy and I think Unni know*Smile*(Basse) and Unni (Fyrpihl´s) so I got to be at my first show and found an incredible interest in this and just listen to judges was how interesting any time and to also see all the beautiful cats was really fun!!!
I have also been on the seminar and whit this started the interest more and more and now I had the opportunity to buy my first breeding queen from Anna-Carin (FunHouse´s)
S*FunHouse´s  Fifi-TrixiBelle 2 Funtastic. A huge thank you for this opportunity and for your trust.

And on this way it is....In spare time when/if it gets any more than to say (when it takes a lot of time to have both family, job and cattery wich of you will know again *smile*) I love to photograph This have been a dream for me but less so never got good picture and i looked up to anyone who had such beautiful pictures. But over time, i had the opportunity to buy my own camera whit lenses and other accessories and sometimes not my pictures blurry anymore *smile* I would also like to thank my partner Stellan which sets up in our dry and has been whit me on some cat shows. He is also the person who puts the brakes in particular (Which sometimes may be needed.)