FunHouse´s Freydis

Sealtortie  Mitted(RAG f 04)
Född/born: 220410
BG/BT: A not carry b/Chocolate Carrier
DNA-test HCM N/N

DNA-test HCM N/N
Heart and Kidney will be tested

Yeeeey this girl is a tortiegirl that i have been looking for  about near 5 years now
And here she is and when i also found out she was a choclate carrier i was even mooooore happy. She got so much i want so i hope she will develope like we want too and so so happy she is coming from FunHouse¨s were my first ragdoll in breed were from thank you thank you so so much <3
She also have amazing temperament <3 Thank you dear friend


FunHouse´s Hippie Girl Magda

DeBeer´s Finest Duesenberg


Myternas Mist

Brun Colourpoint (RAG n)
Född/born: 180429

DNA-test HCM N/N
Hjärta och Njurar 

This girl a was and look at when she was a tiny tiny liiiitle baby and when she was in my hand totally relaxed i just say i have always liked her mother from Finland FI*Collicatin more info will folow.....
Im so so thankful for this treasure Josefine S*Myternas

Fi*collica´tin Every way that i can

Grand Ghatinoz Fabulous Fonzo TnC


Wihlthos CoRinne

Seal Bicolour  (RAG n 03 )
Född/born: 140430

Heart and Kidney Normal

Yes what can i say aboute this girl ;) She is sooo sweet so sweet so sweet this is the first time i realy go type before colour everybody else has got small a small colour spot or anything else. And yes i will for sure have atleast one whit wrong colour in the future  (maybe almost all =) )This girl realy stole my heart at once and i belive in her. She has just a great temperament and is not afraid for anything ;) She is a funny girl and wants to test everything. She developing very well and i hope so she will give me some in the future. She got a very nice chin and promising profil. and also got widht

Thousand Thanks to you Anna (Wihlthos) for your trustand for this opportunity  


Sky High Siri

Wihlthos XaNifax


Enchanted Loves Glittra

Blå bicolour    (RAG a 03 )
Född/born: 140809

DNA-test HCM N/N
Heart and kidneys Normal

This amazing wonderful girl i was completly in love when i first saw her at Majas home and when i got the uppertunity to take some photos of her and the sister when they were small make me even more happy and i was so glad for her sake ;) we have spoken for so many times and she was always there ;) but still so happy for her. <3  ;) But one day when she was here she has Glittra whit her when her sister or mother was here for a date and once again i fell in love  <3 and so happy for Maja. With some time she was a uppertunity for me to bye this girl and i was never ever even thinking im not and now she is here whit us and no words can tell you how happy i am for her <3 <3 <3
This girl have a very nice widthand have a really good earplacment,  profile whit more and i love her development <3 <3 <3 

Thousand Thousand Thanks for your oppurtunity and your trust dear Maja <3


ElHeMa´s Kuliga Katarina

Alexeys.se Monza



Blue Bicolor (RAGa 03)
Född/born: 100526

DNA-test HCM N/N
Heart (another) Kidneys normal

This girl got a sweet temperament. She just walked when you lift her and wants tu cuddle all the time. She got a nice lengths and a nice coat.  She has a lovely expression. Isabella has a very good ear placement.
When things not goes like i thouth she is now neutered.
She is mother to the eminence litter.
Isabella is neutered 2012-01-12


S*Dan Daras
Naima Sollis of Diadem´s 

U.S Kissykat Avalanche
Iceman Of Diadem´s